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Friday I’m In Love

27 Apr

Childhood fantasy palette by redditor Claudio Rodval

Do you like fairy tales & stop motion animation? If so, do yourself a favour and check out this trailer for the English language version of Czech fantasy film Kuky about the adventures of a wayward teddy bear. via Meagan


Out of work game programmer, Christopher Albeluhn, started The Solar System: Explore Your Backyard as a simple exercise to bulk up his portfolio, but it quickly grew into a massive interactive map. Help get it into BC schools by contributing to his indiegogo page.

The Shortsleeves make make happy-boppy Chiptune music you can tap your toes to. Check out their latest release In The Memory.


Jeremy Deller’s Sacrilege is a giant, inflatable and bouncy reproduction of Stonehenge, currently on display in Glasgow, Scotland before setting up shop in London for the 2012 Summer Games.


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