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Friday I’m In Love: E3 Wrap Up

8 Jun

RX Viola Moroni RX by Viola Moroni via CMYBacon

Since this week’s Friday I’m In Love is also an E3 wrap up, we’re gonna start off with a list of the walkthroughs and trailers that most caught my eye:

Dishonored – You can be a fish!

Assassin’s Creed III – Naval battles! Consider this girl sold.

Tomb Raider – She has a bow! Bows are hot.

Beyond: Two Souls – Ellen Page + Quantic Dreams + Sony = Beautiful

Star Wars 1313 – M Rated Star Wars game? That looks good?

The Last of Us – Mature, brutal, emotional, post-apocalyptic action.

Other Links You Might Like:

On a not-video-game-related note, this heartwarming animation of a infographic proposal will melt away any cynicism the cavalcade of sequels at E3 may have evoked. via Dilek Ozcakir

In need of new tunes? Chiptunes = WIN just released a new compilation featuring 51(!) artists. Preview the whole thing for free online here. via Dolly Dahl

And finally, amidst all of the pomp and self-aggrandizing of E3 comes a BBC story about harassment of female video game players to remind us of how much further we have to go. via Kate Tsoukalas

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Friday I’m in Love

1 Jun

Félicette by Eric R. Mortensen from his Space Animal Stamp Series

Today is the start of National Game Development Month, NaGaDeMo for short, so to everyone out there starting a project: Good Luck! I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Here’s what I’m loving this week.

The Fine Brothers are at it again with a new webseries: Elders React to Viral Videos. Surprisingly insightful as well as hilarious, it’s definitely worth checking out. Can’t wait to see what else they try to tackle. via Laughing Squid


Italian pop-artist Mauro Perucchetti creates irreverent and striking sculptures out of everything from marble to cast resin. Works not to miss include David as a woman and a sacrilegious portrayal of Batman and Superman. via Beautiful/Decay


Indie developer Giant Sparrow just released the trailer for their PlayStaion 3 exclusive The Unfinished Swan. I’m holding judgement until I can see some game play, but I’ll be keen to hear reaction from E3 next week.

True to my crazy-cat-lady roots, the idea of kitty ears that move with your emotions are just too cool for me to pass up. Using special brain wave sensors, necomimi wiggle and stand on attention depending on how you feel.


Four year old Anthony D’Allesandro didn’t want to wear his hearing aid because “that’s not what superheros do”. His mom wrote to Marvel in a panic and they informed that in fact, Hawkeye the Avenger had worn a hearing aid for many years.

Friday I’m In Love

25 May

SSV Normandy II poster via UFunk

You’ve probably already all heard this, but just in case you haven’t you need to check out these amazing chiptune covers of Radiohead’s Kid A and OK Computer. via Pitchfork


Puxxels are cute little sets of sticky vinyl tiles you can use to decorate your walls. They come in a variety of shapes, including glow in the dark sets!


Denis Medri, the man behind these awesome Medieval Avengers sketches, also did an even awesomer set of Rockabilly style Batman sketches. How hot is Betty Page Catwoman?


If you haven’t seen this one already, you clearly don’t spend enough time on the internet. Last month Emerald City Comicon in Seattle hosted a radioplay version of Star Wars starring all of your favourite voice actors, including Billy West and Kevin Conroy.

Friday I’m In Love

18 May

It’s Three Patch Problem by Hoppysketch

“Another video game website?!?” you may very well cry, but Normal Boots, the love child of YouTubers JonTron and PeanutButterGamer, manages to distinguish itself with lightening quick edits, absurd humour and a penchant for tackling games that fell through the cracks. Check it out.

Sure, it’s only 6 mins long, but Portal fan film No Escape still manages to pack a wallop of a punch. Awesome atmosphere, high production values and top notch acting set it high above the fan film pack.


Thomas Poulson’s collection of British birds rendered in lego are so sweet I just want to adopt all of them and keep them in my house. Like a crazy lady. via This Is Colossal. You can even vote here if you want to make the series into actual Lego Sets.


As a recovering film nerd (okay, fine, film nerd), this Super 8 Video Camera Necklace has totally stolen my heart. The price tag might seem high, but the attention to detail makes it more a wearable work of art than a simple accessory.

Friday I’m In Love

11 May

Temperment by Isobel Wood

For your daily dose of “D’awww…”, click on this video of the Keepon Pro therapy robot rocking out to Spoon. Who doesn’t love dancing robots?!

Keeping up the good vibes, check out Dale Shaw’s hilarious Werner Herzog’s Note To His Cleaning Lady. A good knowledge of Herzog’s films is required to make the joke work, but you already love him, don’t you?

Anyone wanna buy me this charming, one of a kind, Gruffalo doll by etsy seller peludossa? She also has Ewok and Ludo dolls for sale. Hint, hint, hint…

Friday I’m In Love

4 May

Red flanked bluetail from the Torigun series by Sato

You’ll notice that I haven’t included anything Cinco de Mayo related because seriously, isn’t it kind of gross for non-Mexicans to pretend to care about Mexico for a one day excuse to eat tacos and have a disgusting piss-up?! However, go get your Free Comic Books and watch The Avengers. A much better way to enjoy your weekend, wouldn’t you agree?

Check out the Onion AV Club’s new home of all things videogame, The Gameological Society. And while you’re there, check out their new essary series, On The Level, where contributors muse about their favourite, most challenging or most puzzling levels from games gone by.

Woohoo! GamerWife fav Hanie Mohd (remember her from Tumblr Tuesday?) has an Etsy store where you can buy art prints of her lovely super heroine inspired art, like the Batwoman print to the left. Time to fill up those walls…


Check out these tiny little bespoke Super Hero costumes for your fingers created by Tamara Maynes and photographed by Julian Wolkenstein. I would love to hear the story behind this one.

Friday I’m In Love

27 Apr

Childhood fantasy palette by redditor Claudio Rodval

Do you like fairy tales & stop motion animation? If so, do yourself a favour and check out this trailer for the English language version of Czech fantasy film Kuky about the adventures of a wayward teddy bear. via Meagan


Out of work game programmer, Christopher Albeluhn, started The Solar System: Explore Your Backyard as a simple exercise to bulk up his portfolio, but it quickly grew into a massive interactive map. Help get it into BC schools by contributing to his indiegogo page.

The Shortsleeves make make happy-boppy Chiptune music you can tap your toes to. Check out their latest release In The Memory.


Jeremy Deller’s Sacrilege is a giant, inflatable and bouncy reproduction of Stonehenge, currently on display in Glasgow, Scotland before setting up shop in London for the 2012 Summer Games.


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