This Week’s Menu

20 Feb

Last week was a little hectic, between Valentine’s Day, Mtl Startup Talent & a wedding consultation I was off my feet baking, so it’s little surprise that we resorted to a food court dinner on Wednesday. However, since we already had all of the ingredients on hand we went ahead and made the enchiladas for dinner on Saturday.

Big hits this week were Sasa’s amazing Oyster Sauce Bok Choy and the Garlic Roasted Broccoli. In fact, Rick, a notorious broccoli hater asked me to make more broccoli so he could eat it more often. The biggest dud were the beet chips. I don’t know how, but I always manage to mess up baked chips. They were all either chewy and gross or burnt to a crisp.😦

Monday: Pasta With Mushrooms and Pancetta (with Homemade Linguine instead of tortellini)
Tuesday: Cassoulet-Style Sausage & Beans – Rick’s night to cook. My man’s getting ambitious!
Wednesday: Vegetable Pot Pies Topped with Sweet Potato Biscuits
Thursday: Gumbo (with this recipe as a guide)
Friday: Roast Cod with Crisp Potatoes

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