This Week’s Menu

14 Nov

This was a good week, nothing too exotic or elaborate, and I made sure I gave myself a lot of room for creativity. The enchiladas were especially successful and were a totally meat free meal that Rick absolutely adored. I’m considering making the enchilada sauce (from this recipe) in bulk and freezing it just so I have it on hand whenever we have a craving.

However, the real star was my improvised Saag Aloo. I’m not quite ready to post the recipe for that one, but I have never seen Rick that enthusiastic about my vegan “mush in a bowl.”

I did have to move the meals around this week because I still forget to take into account when Rick has paid lunches at work, so I try to make the recipes that leave leftovers on the nights before the days he doesn’t. This week I went ahead and worked that into the meal plan, which should make both of our lives easier. I also decided to throw in a treat for Rick with the avocado chicken.

Monday: Pesto Orecchiette (veganized)
Tuesday: Enoki Mushroom Wonton Soup with Grilled Bok Choy
Wednesday: Avocado Chicken Parmigiana (made dairy & egg free)
Thursday:Pumpkin Gnocchi
Friday: Thai Style Red Curry

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